My research focuses on the human dimensions of climate action and transformations to sustainability using a transdisciplinary approach, with a background climate change adaptation and sustainable development in Latin America, Africa, North America and Europe.

I am currently based in the Forests and Communities in Transition (FACT) Lab, in the Faculty of Forestry at the University of British Columbia, Canada, with an ongoing connection with MéridaLabs in Faculty of Applied Science. With MéridaLabs, I have helped to shape the Community research pillar, alongside the pillars of Energy Transitions and Hydrogen. In my current postdoctoral fellowship in Forestry, I am studying the worldviews and values that shape perceptions to climate action in BC, Canada, in partnership with MakeWay’s Fair Earth Living Program. My PhD was with the AdaptationCONNECTS project at the University of Oslo, on the deeper human dimensions of climate change adaptation and response, with Guatemala as a case study site.

My research has been applied by nonprofits, private and governmental sectors in policy-design and for climate change communications and engagement.

I bring a critical, systems-thinking, and integral lens to this complex issue, with a impact-oriented approach. My work is guided by the belief that we need a greater social mandate for, and deliberative dialogue on, climate action so to realize effective climate policies and low-carbon futures.