I am climate change researcher who is intrigued by the human dimensions of this complex issue.

With an extensive background in sustainable development, along with current social science research in climate change, I have explored how we might manifest a more sustainable world, one that is diverse, just, and thriving.

This experience has shown me that global environmental issues require responses that are commensurate with such complexity. To that end, I have sought to understand root causes, to find truly transdisciplinary approaches, and to experiment with them in real-world settings. Many of the countries I have worked are post-conflict regions; most have experienced high degree of ecological degradation; all are woven by globalization, for better or for worse.

Although many problems remain unsolved, I am buoyed up by the presence of the tools we need to address global sustainability as well as a global compass set on carbon emissions reductions with international buy-in and clear timelines. In my opinion, the challenge ahead is more a matter of integrating such tools, targets, and commitments into a comprehensive response. Towards that end, I draw on my work experience in nonprofits and academia as well as skills in teaching, facilitation, writing, and project design and coordination.

I believe the way forward will need collaboration and partnerships with people coming from different perspectives, so get in contact if this is your thing, and let’s create collective impact together.