Climate Action Pathways

We account for individuals in creating the phenomena of climate change. Yet we can tend to dismiss the role of individual action when it comes to resolving it.

IPCC 2022 highlights the role of lifestyles and behaviour change; a staggering 40-70% reductions in greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 can come from these ‘demand-side solutions.’

But is concern enough? Research suggests that it is not; that there is a gap between climate awareness and climate action.

The Climate Action Pathways postdoc research project examines the ‘climate awareness-action gap’ from four angles:

How do we bring climate change into our awareness (climate action-logics)?

How do we keep climate change out of our awareness, such to the unsettling emotions it evokes (climate shadow)?

How do the narratives and discourses we participate in frame and contribute to our actions regarding climate (climate change discourses)?

How do the systems in which we live enable us to move our climate concerns into action (climate-action systems)?

Art credit: Anya Simpson